Den building

With more rain to contend with we all decided to make a den and pretend we were making the toys a nice hot cup of tea. One for me too please!


Waterproofs and lots of mud!

We have been running in the garden and jumping in muddy puddles and been living in wellies and waterproofs most days. On the moments when the sun shines we have made as much use of that and headed to the park and for lovely walks.

Thirsty work

We have planted out our broad beans and runner beans and with the warm weather we have needed to make sure they have plenty of water. This means lots of suncream and hats on as watering the plants is thirsty work but great to see everything starting to grow.


New outdoor equipment

Now we are having a few more sunny days we have bought a great slide and swing for the garden. Its been a big hit so far!!
Hoping to plant out our beans and leeks in the allotment so we can have some delicious fresh veg soon.


Cranleigh Childminder Now on Twitter

Cranleigh Childminder can now be followed on twitter…


Sunny Day

We have been enjoying the sun playing outside in the garden collecting stones, leaves and twigs. Lovely to get some fresh air!


Planting pots ready for the Cranleigh Ewhurst allotment

As spring just about to pop its head around the door, its time to get seeds potted ready to be planted in our Cranleigh/Ewhurst allotment. We have had it for a couple of years now but are really going to try and get a better crop this year, last years wasn’t the greatest. The children I look after love it and it really gets them in to contact with nature. Its a real supplement to the daily childminding activities. Not only this but our huge crop of fresh strawberries in early summer taste amazing!